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At Delta G, we believe in the power of collaboration.

On this page, you will find links to our trusted collaborators and partners, who share our values. Through these partnerships, we are able to provide our clients with access to a wide range of complementary expertise and resources, allowing us to deliver even more value and better results.

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Marcello Cavalcanti

Marcello is one of the prominent modern landscape photographers in Brazil. Teaching photography since 2014, he has more than 1,200 students and followers in 14 countries. Delta G has licensed a number of his amazing photos that best capture the idea of change as part of our branding. His content is only in Portuguese, but we suppose that the adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” is very true in his case and highly recommend that you check out his work, even if you do not speak the language.

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Roberta Landreth

Roberta is a very talented graphic designer from Winnipeg, MB (Canada) and the winner of several Provincial, Regional and National awards. We became aware of her work through the insightful art she creates for some of our favorite artists and immediately knew we wanted to enlist her creative vision to develop the branding and visual identity for Delta G.

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Buffy Davey

Buffy is a consultant and web developer who specializes in working collaboratively with organizations to develop tools and strategies so they can deliver professional-level marketing with the resources they have in-house. Buffy has a long history of translating clients’ visual identities into thoughtful, user-friendly websites, and we were excited to work with her to bring the Delta G website to life.

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Shine Advise

Shine Advise provides creative and analytical expertise to create impact and business growth. We first met Jenny Cummins, the Founder of Shine Advise, as a client in the Life Sciences sector a few years ago and have been always impressed by her ability to touch on all things analytics to drive rigor and results, without losing sight of feasibility and the human element behind this capability.

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The founder of ThinkOrg, Fernando Monteiro, came up in the same consulting company as the leadership of Delta G, so we share a similar point of view on growth strategy and how organizational design is critical to support it. ThinkOrg is a consulting firm focused on assisting companies in redesigning their organizational structures and operating models to achieve their goals.

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