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In the field of thermodynamics,

Delta G is typically taken to mean the change in free energy of a process, or the standard Gibbs free energy change, to be precise. If Delta G is >0, it means that the process is not spontaneous and requires external energy to occur. We wanted to create a company that would embody the spirit of acting like the “external energy” that helps our clients achieve enduring, high-quality growth.

More practically though, the name captures exactly what we do: we change growth for the better. Hence, Delta G.

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Who We Are

Delta G is an organic growth specialist advisory company resulting from the combined ~60-year experience of its founding partners across different industries and growth challenges. We are headquartered in Basel, Switzerland with a base of operations in the Eastern US.


Our mission is to assist business leaders to create or regain their ability to achieve high-quality organic growth in the modern outlook of unwinding globalization: better-than-benchmark growth in revenues that is both profitable and predictable.


With the ample evidence behind our proprietary approach customized to individual clients, we believe in addressing both the symptoms as well as the underlying causes of growth problems to enable high-quality growth decisions at the BU level in organizations.


Our Focus

With our extensive experience working with diverse companies to achieve high-quality growth, we founded Delta G with a clear focus on clients who consistently benefit from our approach. 

The era of accelerating technology and globalization that started in the 1990s brought about significant opportunities for Western companies, but also created pitfalls in the path towards high-quality growth that many struggle with today.

Our clients are typically (but not exclusively) in capital-intensive industries, where substantial investment or sunk cost is needed to develop new products, services, or infrastructure. These industries have natural business cycles that impact their ability to achieve high-quality organic growth. Some examples include General Industrials, Engineered Materials, Chemicals, Life Sciences, Utilities, and Durable Consumer Goods.

Across these sectors, companies are very commonly afflicted by a persistent myth that growth, profitability, and predictability cannot coexist, so we typically observe growth models that are:



In some situations, companies go through periods of higher growth, even associated with good margin, but quickly “lose steam” after 1-2 years.



Many companies double-down on the “scarcity mentality”, seeking to achieve growth exclusively by fighting for market share at a high cost.



In mature industries or products, it is common for companies to switch to a passive harvest mode to maximize ROI relative to the perceived sunk cost.

Inspired to help businesses create or regain their ability to achieve high-quality growth, we designed Delta G to address both the symptoms and underlying causes of growth problems. Our approach steers clear of “false” trade-offs and insists on including all levers that make organic growth really “stick."

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